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Last Updated: March 20, 2021

Masters in Data Analytics in Canada - Top Programs, Admission Process, Fees, Career Options

The Master in Data Analytics aims to build knowledge around the statistical, data mining, and computational methodologies that are used to store, process and analyze large volumes of data (Big Data environments), in order to generate information and useful inputs for decision-making in organizations and contributing to the leverage of the new challenges that other disciplines assume in the current context of technological development.

The Master in Data Analytics in Canada is an interdisciplinary initiative of the departments of Mathematics, Systems Engineering, Computer Science in which areas such as mathematics, statistics, computing, and the organizational area, with the purpose of responding to the needs currently posed by the interaction of human beings with tools and technological advances in various fields. It gives rise to unprecedented growth in processing capabilities, storage, and access to knowledge and information.

Therefore, the curricular design of the master's degree is oriented towards the training of professionals with skills in the field of data mining, the management of specialized software, databases, and programming, which, is articulated to a critical view of organizational processes, will allow them to generate knowledge to support strategic decision making.

So, for professionals and executives who are or wish to become involved in the field of IT and want to deepen their (business) computer science knowledge in the context of big data, this program makes the right choice.

The Data Analytics program qualifies you for the following tasks, among others:

How will you learn?

The Data Science program is designed for those who want to move forward in today's data-driven marketing industry by deriving useful insights and strategic business plans from data analytics. It's also ideal for those who want to gain a deeper understanding of marketing management and succeed in this industry.

Highly Experienced Canadian University teachers teach classes. In addition to teaching on-site, online learning also plays a significant role. This means that you get the best of both worlds: regular, personal contact combined with the flexibility to learn where and when you need it outside the classroom. It uses a combination of traditional texts and podcasts, webinars (online seminars), and interactive knowledge checks to keep you engaged, focused, and motivated throughout your studies. Also, you will receive regular academic support from experienced Canadian University instructors, as well as student support for administrative, technical, or motivational issues.

Study Tasks You Have To Perform

In an increasingly dynamic and interconnected world, organizations need to process and analyze large amounts of data through statistical and computational techniques, methods, and strategies, to make effective and timely decisions. On the other hand, in the research field, the analysis of large volumes of information is a very useful tool to generate conclusions that allow validating or refuting hypotheses raised, and in general, to create new information relevant to the research processes.

What Are The Best Universities For Data Science In Canada?

Canada is a country where education has the support of both state and private institutions. It is for this reason that the universities and research centers of this country are recognized worldwide. Canada is also a country where there are more Internet users and where all companies use high-tech computer systems. Studying systems and networks is a good option in this country. If you want to know which is the best University for computer science in Canada we recommend you read the following information. UBC, University of Toronto, McGill, Simon Fraser University are some of the programs which are highly recognized.

UBC - University of British Columbia

The UBC is one of the leading universities in Canada in Data Analytics. UBC has an excellent program in Master of Data Science (MDS). These computer careers are designed under a strict educational program that is responsible for granting students the necessary knowledge to work as Machine Learning Engineers, NLP Engineers, data scientists in local and foreign companies.

The prestige of the UBC computer careers is because annually the graduates obtain awards in international university competitions. The estimated tuition fee for this program for Canadian Students is $33,000 and for International Students the tuition fee is $46,000.

General Requirements:

University of Waterloo

The University of Waterloo is one of the best educational institutions in Canada. Currently, two Master's/graduate programs are offered in Data Science.

Ryerson University

Ryerson University has excellent programs in Data Analytics. They have the Data Engineering program; this program focuses on training students with the necessary knowledge to develop innovative programs, computer control systems, and solutions to information processing problems. The Data Science program (Data Science and Analytics (MSc)) focuses primarily on the development of skills for the management of computerized systems, Machine learning, Operations research, Programming, Statistics which are in high demand from various companies. In this University, theoretical learning is combined with practice from the beginning. The estimated tuition fee for this program for Canadian Students is $11,000 and for International Students the tuition fee is $24,000.

General Requirements:

Saint Mary's University

Saint Mary's University offers the 16 months professional Masters Program in Data Analytics (The program is called Master of Science in Computing & Data Analytics (MSc CDA). This program prepares the students for a lucrative career in the data analytics and data science industry. In this program, students learn the various concepts of Business Analytics, Software Design, and Management, and Analytics. The estimated tuition fee for this program for Canadian Students is $19,000 and for International Students, the tuition fee is $37,000. So far almost 100% of the graduates have received full-time job offers from top companies around the world.

General Requirements:

What is the Admission Process of Masters in Data Analytics in Canada?

If you are an international student, then you have to meet the following requirements: You must be a graduate in Data Analytics or any subject related to it. Apart, you can visit the official website of the University you are applying to and must meet their eligibility criteria to fulfill the admission process.

At the end of the degree, graduates will be able to work on the development of systems and work networks without cables (Wireless), multimedia development, analysis, and design of software, telecommunications, etc.

Data Science: Career options?

You study a selection of topics and learn how to extract relevant information from large databases and use them for critical business decisions. They also acquire the skills to develop and manage strategic marketing plans. Once the toy has a degree and experience you could be hired as:
Major recruiters are IBM, RBC, Scotiabank, Statistics Canada, CIBC, Morgan Stanley.

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