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Last Updated: April 13, 2021

Tuition and Fees of Canadian Universities - BS/MS (local and international students)

Canada is one of the affordable countries when it comes to studying abroad. That is why it is a popular choice among students. The cost to study in Canada depends on the program chosen and the location of the university. Technical and medical courses are more expensive than art courses. Surprisingly, business courses are in the middle range. Also, the post-graduate programs are cheaper than undergraduate programs and there is a major difference between the cost for Canadian citizens and immigrants. The cost also varies considerably for out-of-state and in-state residents for Canadian citizens. On average, the tuition and fees for an undergraduate program is C$30,000 per year and for a Post-graduation program is C$20,000 per year for an international student. Below is a chart of the tuition fees of the popular Canadian Universities but keep in mind that the cost to study in Canada should also include:
University NameTuition + Fees (BS) Canadian (CAD per year)Tuition + Fees (MS/MBA) Canadian (CAD per year)Tuition + Fees (BS) International (CAD per year)Tuition + Fees (MS/MBA) International (CAD per year)
McGill UniversityQuebec: 4,300-4,700
Non-Quebec: 9,500-9,900
Around 5,000 MBA-28,00-41,00019,600-48,100Around 10,000 MBA- 32,000-47,000
University of Toronto6,500-17,500; 14,000 (upper year)8,000-33,00044,000-54,000; 50,000 (upper year)27,000-53,000
University of British ColumbiaAround 6,500 CAD per yearAround 2000 CAD per semester Around 41,000 CAD per year","Around 6,500 CAD per semester MBA (15 months) - CAD 72,000
University of AlbertaAround 6500 CAD/YrAround 5600 CAD per yearAround 26000 CAD per yearAround 10,000 CAD per year
Universite de MontrealAround 6000 CAD,1200 (Quebec) to 3700 CAD (Non-Quebec) per session Around 20000 CAD per yearAround 8000 CAD per session
McMaster UniversityAround 15000 CAD per yearAround 7500 CAD per Around 32000 CAD per yearAround 18000 CAD per year
University of WaterlooAround 7,000(Arts)- 15000 (Engineering) CAD per yearAround 3000 CAD per sem.Around 25000 (Arts) -38000 (Engineering) CAD per yearAround 7500 CAD per sem.
University of CalgaryAround 6000 CAD per yearAround 8000 CAD per yearAround 19000 CAD per yearAround 17000 CAD per year
Western UniversityAround 9000 CAD per year Engineering 15000 Business 29000Around 9000 CAD per yearAround 30000 CAD per yearAround 22000 CAD per year
Queen's UniversityAround 14000 CAD per yearAround 10000 CAD per yearAround 43000 CAD per yearAround 23000 CAD per year
Simon Fraser UniversityAround 6000 CAD per Around 7000 CAD per term per yearAround 14000 CAD per yearAround 10000 CAD per term per year
Dalhousie UniversityAround 10000 CAD per yearAround 9000 CAD per yearAround 20000 CAD per yearAround 15000 CAD per year

Domestic Students Fees

In Canada, the tuition fee paid by domestic students is marginally low than the fees paid by international students coming to Canada for higher education. It is fairly common for international students to believe that the Canadian government should revise the rates for international students as well, making it a fair deal between domestic, as well as international students. However, the tuition rates for domestic students are set low for the following reasons:

International Students Fees

As mentioned previously, the tuition fee fir international students is quite high, in comparison to the fee that domestic students pay. As per Statistics Canada, in the year 2019-2020, the fees for international students saw a spike of 7.8 percent. Few reasons for the spike in tuition fee are such:

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