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Last Updated: February 27, 2022

Best GMAT Prep Apps

GMAT is a competitive examination that students take to get admission to business schools. Due to the importance of the examination and the stakes that the exam results hold, students opt for the best kind of prep they can receive. While there are students that also rely on self-prep, students mostly prefer to prep from prep books and courses that deal with the entire content of the examination.

Choosing the right prep is the key factor for most students to receive a score that can admit them to their target institution. Though it is ideal for students to use traditional prep methods, using a GMAT prep app can increase one’s chances of receiving higher scores due to the flexible and customizable nature of most such apps. Students will be able to use the app to gain access to hundreds of practice questions and answers irrespective of the time and location. Since most of the apps are free, students will also not have to invest deeply into the apps to gain the extra knowledge they might otherwise miss out on while solely relying on traditional prep methods.

Why Choose GMAT Prep Apps?

Choosing GMAT prep apps has been a recent trend among students who try to juggle education, work, and other co-curricular activities. Using the app allows students who have full schedules the opportunity of prepping on the go irrespective of their location and the time they wish to prepare. Students will be able to take as many practice tests as they want and watch video lessons in their free time without having to completely commit to preparation. Some apps also have the feature of learning in a game mode where the features align to resemble a game instead of a prep session.

A few of the benefits of using a GMAT prep app include-

Top 7 GMAT Prep Apps

The best 7 GMAT prep apps that candidates can install either on an android or iOS device and their details are as follows-

Magoosh GMAT Prep

The Magoosh GMAT prep app is provided by one of the leading organizations offering exam preps including GMAT. Students who download this app will require an android device of 4.1 or above or an iPhone. The app content provided is partially free though to access the premium account students will have to pay a small sum. The content provided includes video lessons for almost 22 hours in all including all the subject sections of the GMAT. The size of the app is 18 MB. The features provided include-

GMAT: Practice, Prep, Flashcards- Varsity Tutors

This app is provided by the Varsity Tutors and has a size of 17 MB. Students will be able to use the app from an android device of 6.0 and above or an iOS device. The app contains material for the Verbal, Reasoning, Quantitative, and Writing sections which cover the entire syllabus for the examination. It also contains diagnostic tests and practice questions that students will be able to make use of. A few of the features include-

Manhattan Prep GMAT Exam 2022

This app is provided by Manhattan which is a popular prep book choice for most competitive exam aspirants. Students will be able to download a free version of the app and will eventually have to pay a fee for gaining full access to the app's contents. The app contains practice questions with answers, practice quizzes, flashcards, study strategies, etc. that students can make use of. The size of the app is 34 MB and candidates will be able to access it from android devices of 7.0 and above or iOS devices. A few of the features included are- The fee for using the app for 1 month is $29.99, for 3 months is $59.99, and for 1 year is $99.99.

GMAT Idiom Flashcards- Magoosh

This app is mainly focused on the Verbal section of GMAT and can be beneficial for the Analytical Writing section of the exam, as well. Students will be able to increase their vocabulary range by learning through the flashcards provided in the app. The words used will be the most commonly used in the GMAT examination to familiarize students with the vocabulary used in the examination. The size of the app is 10 MB and it is accessible through android devices of 4.1 and above along with iOS devices. The features offered include-

Veritas Prep GMAT on Demand

This app provides candidates with the option of self-study based on the contents provided in the app. The app has to be purchased for a price of $699 which will provide the candidate with 1-year access to its contents. Candidates will be able to use the app through a desktop and phone. A few of the features include-

GMAT Practice for Dummies

This app is for students who are beginning their GMAT prep and contains study questions and practice tests they can take based on the knowledge they have in the subjects. The app is not free of cost and requires candidates to pay an amount of $9.99 to gain full access to its contents. The size of the app is 115.8 MB and students will require an iOS device of 10.0 or above to gain access. The features include-

Prep4 GMAT

This app is accessible only on iOS devices and contains over 1,000 practice questions and flashcards that students can learn from. Students will be able to access their performance and learn where they stand thereby getting the opportunity of improving themselves. The features of the app include-

Are GMAT Prep Apps Enough?

While GMAT prep apps are allowing students to study interactively and flexibly, it is not often considered the best option when in isolation. Students who wish to receive their target score will often have to rely on other prep methods like enrolling for a course or self-prepping from prep books along they will be able to use the GMAT prep app. Using the prep app as an additional prep method will provide candidates with more prep time since they will be able to study on the go and not depend on strict schedules for the same.

Students will be able to make use of the apps especially since they are mostly free of cost when it comes to practice questions and full-length practice papers. But at the same time, they will not be able to find detailed explanations for subject-specific content which will be ideal for a person revising for the test, unlike a beginner who doesn’t understand the concepts yet.


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