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Last Updated: July 02, 2022

SAT Examination Dates for 2022 (US Students)

Jan 20th, 2021
Announcement from CollegeBoard: SAT Subject Tests have been canceled forever in the U.S. US students who are registered for Subject Test will get a refund.

Test Dates for 2022-2023

August 27, 2022

October 1, 2022

November 5, 2022

December 3, 2022

March 11, 2023

May 6, 2023

June 3, 2023

Anticipated Test Dates for US Students

SAT Examination Dates for 2022(International Students)

August 27, 2022

October 1, 2022

December 3, 2022

March 11, 2023- Digital

May 6, 2023- Digital

June 3, 2023- Digital

Anticipated Test Dates for International Students

Additional Information

Candidates that miss the deadline will be able to be part of the waiting list but this doesn’t guarantee that they will be able to write the examination. The scores for the SAT test are generally released 2 weeks after the test has been conducted. It is not uncommon for the June test results to get delayed for even as long as 6 weeks. The deadlines for registration expire at 11:59 pm ET, US.

2022-23 SAT Test Dates


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