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Last Updated: March 06, 2022

Living in a Dormitory

A dormitory is by definition accommodation that is provided to students by the university they are studying in. Most of the best universities in the US provide dormitories to students though students will mostly be provided accommodation based on the availability of rooms. At the same time, it is not often that students opt for in campus accommodation due to the restrictions they might have and the limited amenities such accommodations might have.

Dormitories will often require students to share their space with 1 or 2 other students and while most dorms have private bathrooms, it is not uncommon for students to have to use shared bathrooms. Such accommodations can either be co-ed or with a single-gender based on the institution. While dormitories may not have fancy amenities one will look for in an apartment, they will have handicap accessibility. Students will have to cross-check with the university as to what amenities are available in the dormitories they provide.

Different Dormitory Options for Students

There are different kinds of dorms that are provided by universities. While dormitories may seem to be similar in a lot of aspects, the housing styles provided can vary based on the location and facilities the university is offering to the candidate. A few of the housing options that most universities in the US provide are as follows-

General Features of a Dormitory

While dormitories can vary from institution to institution, the general rules and restrictions along with the amenities made available for students are similar. Students will be provided with a bed, chair, table, and garbage can irrespective of which dorm they are in. But students will be able to customize their rooms according to their interests. The most important things that students purchase include storage bins, mini-fridge, laundry hampers, linens, cushions, etc. Other features and restrictions that students will get to know are-

Best Dorms in the US

A few of the best dorms in the US are-

Cost of Living in a Dormitory

The cost of living in a dorm varies from place to place and institution to institution. If one is to wonder whether a dorm will be cheaper than an apartment, this will be entirely dependent on the housing prices in the area their institution is situated in. But for the most part, living in a dorm can be way more expensive than living off-campus. This is mainly because the student will then have control over their expenses including utility and food. If they are to take accommodations away from the campus, they will be able to find cheaper spaces to live in thereby considerably reducing the rent they have to pay.

While it may come as a surprise that dorms are relatively more expensive, it is true in most places in the US owing to the factor that living on campus and the benefits associated with it are highly valued in today’s society. But at the same time, some universities will have the financial aid they provide cover part of the dorm expenses the candidate incurs. In such instances, living in a dorm will be highly beneficial for the candidate.

The average cost of living in a dorm at public institutions and universities can range anywhere between $8,500 and $11,000 whereas the average cost in private institutions can range anywhere between $10,000 to $13,000. These are only average figures and can be higher in the most prestigious and Ivy League universities in the country.

Advantages of Living in a Dormitory

The advantages of living in a dorm comprise mostly of the advantages students will have while living on campus in the university they are studying in. Students who live in dorms will be able to have instant social access to people on the campus be it their department staff or their classmates. They will also be able to interact closely with students from other departments since the people they share the floor with or room with can be any other person from the university. Other advantages that students will have while living in a dorm include-

Disadvantages of Living in a Dormitory

The disadvantages of living in a dormitory are mostly based on the restrictions that are placed on students within the campus. While dorms are the easiest option for international students, this will mostly be restricted to the first nine months when they do their program. Most universities offer sure accommodation only for the first year of their education. After this, they are required to shift off-campus to provide space for the next batch of students. A few other disadvantages of staying in a dorm include-

Dorms vs Private Housing- Key Differences

The key differences between staying in a dorm and private housing will be about the lifestyle the candidate is living and the institution they are attending. While the restrictions that students face can be off-putting, this isn’t the case at every university housing. There are campuses where rules and restrictions are comparatively less. It is the same regarding dorm expenses. While in some places students will be able to find studio apartments at a lower cost than a dorm, other places might have dorms that are relatively less expensive than taking an apartment.

The differences will include-

Safety Concerns While Living in a Dorm

The safety concerns that one must focus on while living in a dorm are mostly about the caution one must keep while living with a large number of people all of whom are strangers. Since students will be staying with one or more roommates and sharing living and bathroom spaces, it is ideal for them to keep track of their belongings at all times. Other things they can make a note of include-

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