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Last Updated: November 20, 2021

Study in Auckland

Auckland is a city in New Zealand that is located on the North Island and is one of the largest metropolitan cities on the Island. The city is also known as the City of Sails due to the invested interest it has in sailing. The city has a varied population of different ethnic groups which makes it one of the best cosmopolitan cities in the country. The lifestyle in the city is representative of the generally preferred lifestyle in the country which is primarily urban in nature. The city experiences a mild climate and offers international students with the best educational and career opportunities.

There are 2 famous universities in the city and another university campus all of which are known for the high-quality and flexible education they provide to both domestic and international candidates. The city offers people different entertainment and leisure activities to choose from. There are various culturally and historically significant sites that can be visited in the city along with different dining options which students will find affordable.

Benefits of Studying in Auckland

New Zealand is one of the most popular options for international students due to the excellent education system the country has in place. Auckland is a city in New Zealand that is considered to be a gateway to the country due to the best transportation system they have in place which allows students to travel around the country easily. Being an international student allows them to learn and experience the culture of the place which will, in turn, reflect in their academic excellence.

A few of the benefits students will get while learning in Auckland are-

Places to Live in Auckland

International students will be able to find that due to the presence of internationally acclaimed universities, there are different localities within the city where students flock over to stay due to the availability of cheaper accommodation or other facilities. Popular entertainment hubs are also one of the locations in which students wish to stay in which will also ensure that they can easily find part-time jobs.

A few of the locations that students usually live in are-

Cost of Living in Auckland

The cost of living in Auckland is estimated to be around NZ$ 1,500 without rent. The city has been growing into an economic hub in the past years which has increased the cost of living in the city considerably. Students will have to spend a majority of their living expenses on accommodation but even without calculating the rent, they will have to spend a lot on groceries and other recreational activities while staying in this city.

Accommodation and Utility Expenses

International students will find that there are plenty of options they can choose from when it comes to accommodation. While most students opt for university accommodation, there are other options like apartments, shared apartments, dormitories, student residences, etc. that they can choose from. Students will be able to rent private studios for a rate of NZ$ 370 per week and if they take shared apartments, they will be able to find accommodation for a rate of NZ$ 290 per week.

Utility expenses are estimated to be around NZ$ 120 per month if the student lives in a shared apartment.

Grocery Expenses

The basic prices for grocery items are-

Transportation Expenses

Auckland is a well-connected city with public buses available throughout the day from the suburbs to the Auckland CBD and the city center. They will also be able to choose between cycling and walking for short distances which can considerably reduce their expenses. A one-way ticket in a local transport costs around NZ$ 3.95 while students will also be able to get a monthly pass for NZ$ 215.

Popular Programs in Auckland

A few of the popular fields of study offered in Auckland are-

Top Universities in Auckland

Auckland has 2 universities in all and is also home to one of the campuses of Massey University. These universities are well-known for the high-quality education they offer.

University of Auckland

This university was established in the year 1883. It is a public research university that has been ranked amongst the top 100 universities in the world by most standards. The university has 8 faculties in all which deal with a variety of fields including law, arts, business, creative arts and industries, education and social work, medical and health sciences, etc. They offer degrees at undergraduate, postgraduate, and research levels with the university having 3 separate research institutes. The university has most of its campuses located within the city of Auckland.

Auckland University of Technology

This university was originally established as the Auckland Technical School in 1895 but was recently reinstated as a university in the year 2000. The campus has an overall student population of 30,000 students along with over 1,200 academic staff. Their campuses are located in the city, the North and South of the city. It has 5 faculties in all which deal with culture and society, business, economics and law, design and creative technologies, health and environmental sciences, and Te Ara Poutama. These 5 faculties have 16 schools that deal with topics that are both technical and otherwise in nature. The fields of study dealt with in these schools range from subjects like economics, law, hospitality, etc. to science, engineering, mathematical sciences, sport, and recreation, etc.

Massey University, Campus in Auckland

This university has its main campus in Palmerston North but has one of its campuses located in the city of Auckland. The campus offers courses at undergraduate, graduate, and doctoral levels. The fields of study that are offered include business psychology, classical studies, education, educational psychology, linguistics, etc. The doctoral degree they offer has a duration of 3 years and is offered under multiple disciplines.

Entertainment Options in Auckland

Auckland offers students plenty of entertainment options. Students will be able to see a few many culturally and historically significant sites during their stay in the city. They will also be able to immerse themselves in different sports like surfing and at the same time find leisure activities like hiking, walking, and cycling that can be done daily. They will be able to visit the night markets, go to cinemas, escape rooms, watch the sunset and also stargaze at the star dome in the city.

Places to Visit in Auckland

While there are plenty of places that students can visit during their stay in Auckland, there are a few must-see places in the city they must definitely go to. A few of these are-

Things to Do in Auckland

Auckland offers students a lot of fun activities they can do during their stay in the city. While visiting most parts of the city is a goal of every student, this might not be possible due to the study schedules they will have. Students will still be able to find entertainment and leisure options within the city throughout the day. When they can take long walks or hikes in the morning, they will be able to stargaze, go for night canyoning, dinner cruise, etc. during the night depending on their interests.

A few of the must-do things in Auckland are-

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