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Last Updated: November 17, 2021

Study in Hamilton

Hamilton is a city located on the North Island of New Zealand. The city is the 4th most populous one in the country and is also known for the famous Waikato River. It is a fast-growing urban center in New Zealand that is home to two prominent universities that are internationally acknowledged. Students who wish to study or stay in Hamilton will find that the place is always bustling with activity but at the same time offers peace and quiet if one moves a little away from the city center.

The city offers students with different things to do and places to visit which will include places of cultural and historical importance along with cycling and hiking opportunities. Students will also be able to surf if they go to the Raglan area. Students and tourists will both be able to take long walks, visit cafes, and stroll alongside the river to spend their leisure time.

Benefits of Studying in Hamilton

The benefits of studying abroad for any program lie in the exposure the candidate will receive while living in the country and the contacts they can create during their course which will be beneficial to them in their work life. Students who have got admission to one of the two universities in Hamilton will be able to find that both these universities have been ranked among the top few universities in the world. The degrees awarded by these universities are valued internationally and hence students will be able to thrive in their chosen field of study.

A few of the benefits students will get while studying in Hamilton are-

Places to Live in Hamilton

Cost of Living in Hamilton

The cost of living in Hamilton is estimated to be around NZ$ 3,000 per month with rent. Accommodation and utility expenses are the major expenses that the student will incur while staying in the city. Hamilton is considered to be an affordable location to live in when compared to major cities like Auckland which is a less than 2-hour drive from this city.

Accommodation and Utility Expenses

Accommodation expenses in Hamilton, like most cities in the world, depend on the locality the student has chosen to live in. The rent for staying in a furnished apartment at an expensive location is estimated to be around NZ$ 2,276 and the rate will go down to around NZ$ 1,730 if the accommodation is in an inexpensive area within the city. Students will also be able to get 1-bedroom apartments for NZ$ 750 if they do not mind humble ways of living. Most students either stay in student dormitories or accommodations that are available near their universities. Some even opt for on-campus accommodation where it is relatively less expensive.

Students will also be able to take up shared apartments in the locality thereby bringing down accommodation expenses considerably. Utility expenses are estimated to be less than NZ$ 250 every month if the student is staying in an apartment.

Grocery Expenses

The basic prices for grocery items in Hamilton are-

Transportation Expenses

People in Hamilton usually opt to take public buses for commute or they prefer using their private vehicles. Buses in the city run from everywhere in the city to the areas downtown like Te Awa and even to the Hamilton Gardens. The basic price for a public bus ticket is NZ$ 3.30 if one is paying with cash and it goes down to NZ$ 2.40 if candidates are to take a BUSIT card.

Students will also be able to make use of the Te Awa River Ride which is a cycleway/walkway alongside the Waikato River. This is if they prefer cycling or walking for short distances that do not generally require a means of transport.

Popular Programs in Hamilton

The popular programs that one can pursue in the city of Hamilton are-

Top Universities in Hamilton

Hamilton only has two universities in all both of which have high ranks internationally. These universities are-

University of Waikato

This university is one of the top universities in the country and the world. It was established in the year 1964 and is rooted in research. It has a student population of over 10,500 students along with over 1,500 administrative staff. The university offers courses at undergraduate, postgraduate, and doctoral levels. The main fields of study that are offered here include environmental science, education, social sciences, management, computer science, etc. The university has multiple levels of research programs including M.Phil. Ph.D., DMA, SJD, DLit, DSc, and LLD.

Waikato Management School

This is the management school that is part of the University of Waikato. They offer executive education mainly for international students and the management school has been ranked amongst the world’s top 250 universities for business. They are also accredited by the AMBA, EQUIS, and AACSB which makes the degrees provided by the management school immensely valuable in the international job market. The courses offered include the Waikato MBA, MBM, a few short courses, and partner programs. The short courses include Project Management, Finance for Non-Financial Managers, Design Thinking for Business Impact, etc.

Entertainment Options in Hamilton

Hamilton offers students with a few many entertainment options ranging from visiting the different museums and theaters in the place to strolling alongside the river or in the gardens. The place bustles with activity because of the large number of people that live there and students will always be able to find something to do. Hamilton has a zoo, a Lake Domain, museums, farms, parks, etc. which students will be able to visit.

Places to Visit in Hamilton

Hamilton has a few many historical and culturally relevant sites that students will be able to visit during their stay or visit. The city is located on the North Island and is only a one-hour drive away from Auckland. The place is a must-visit location for LOTR fans and at the same time, the city is known for the different dining options it provides. A few of the must-visit places in Hamilton are-

Things to Do in Hamilton

Hamilton offers students with a few many things to do which are unique to the place among other commonplace things like visiting the must-see places of the city. Students will also be able to take long walks alongside the river or visit the gardens. There are also places like Victoria street where they will be able to drink and have fun.

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