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Last Updated: November 20, 2021

Study Animation in New Zealand

New Zealand is a country that is rising in popularity amongst international students especially due to the high-quality education they provide in the entertainment field. The country has the best public universities in the world which offer flexible education for both domestic and international students. Candidates who wish to learn animation will be surprised to see that most of the universities and colleges in the country offer different levels of programs in this field of study along with plenty of internship opportunities that candidates can choose from to advance their careers.

The country also offers scholarships options for international candidates who are university-based. Due to the popularity of animation jobs and the relative shortage in the number of people working in this industry, students who study this course will be able to get interesting career opportunities they can benefit from. New Zealand offers animation programs as diplomas, certification courses, bachelors, and masters from which students will be able to choose what is best for them according to their interests.

Benefits of Studying Animation in New Zealand

Animation is one of the most popular courses offered by the universities in New Zealand with students being able to specialize in and learn about different parts of the field according to their interests. The country also offers students plenty of scholarship options that can considerably cover their tuition fees. While studying animation in New Zealand, students will be exposed to the multicultural environment that will help them learn more about art and design in general thereby helping them create better perspectives.

A few of the benefits of studying animation in New Zealand are-

Eligibility Requirements for Animation Programs

The eligibility requirements for animation programs vary from university to university. It also varies according to the level of the program the candidate has opted for. Universities in New Zealand offer diploma courses, certification courses, bachelor’s degrees, and master’s degrees in animation amongst which the diploma courses are most popular. Most courses require candidates to have prior knowledge of the subject. The general requirements for animation programs are-

Duration of Animation Programs in New Zealand

The duration of animation programs depends on the level of the program the candidate has applied for. The universities offer certifications, diplomas, bachelor's, and master's programs in the subject all of which have different durations which are often dependent on the university and level of the program.

Certification programs have a duration between 16 weeks to 6 months whereas diploma programs often have a duration of 1 to 1.5 years. Bachelor’s programs in the subject have a duration of 3 years and master’s programs often have a duration of 1.5 to 2 years in all. Candidates will have to check the duration of the course they have applied for on the website of the respective institution.

Cost of Animation Programs in New Zealand

The cost of animation programs varies from institution to institution and also changes according to the program the student has applied for. Diploma programs that have a duration of 1 year or less have a fee range from NZ$ 7,000 to NZ$ 25,000. The average yearly fee for bachelor’s programs in animation is around NZ$ 20,000 for international students. Most courses will also require candidates to pay an additional fee as course fee.

Top Universities for Animation in New Zealand

While a lot of universities and colleges offer programs in animation, a few of them are considered to be the best that the country offers. These universities are-

Top Animation Programs in New Zealand

The top animation programs in New Zealand are-

Diploma in Animation- Yoobee School of Design

This program has a duration of 40 weeks and is a level 5 course. Students who complete the course will be awarded 120 credits. It is a full-time course upon the completion of which students will be able to become VFX artists, animators, or game developers. The subjects that are dealt with include character animation, 3D modeling, VFX, specialist software, etc. Students will also be able to learn about visual storytelling and use industry-standard tools as part of the course. The fee for international students is NZ$ 20,000 with an additional NZ$ 2,000 as a course fee.

Postgraduate Diploma of Design- UCOL

This is a level 8 program that has a duration of 1 year. It is offered as a full-time program and deals with the fields of art and design equally. Students will be able to choose their own design media and produce a design portfolio of their own during the course. This is considered to be a preparatory course students can take before taking a master’s course in their desired specialization. Students will learn about advanced methodologies for design research, development studio, creative thinking, studio project, etc. They will be awarded 120 credits in all upon completing the course. The fee for the program is NZ$ 25,000.

Diploma in Animation- NMIT

This program has a duration of 40 weeks and is offered as a full-time and a part-time program. Students will be awarded 120 credits at the end of the course. They will learn about topics like 3D modeling, rigging, and animation, dynamic effects, lighting, and post-production, technical development, etc. They will also be able to take up a CGI project of their own as part of the course. The estimated fee for the program is NZ$ 6,960.

Diploma in Animation- SIT

This is a level 6 program offered with a duration of 1.5 years. It is offered in the full-time mode and provides 120 credits upon completion. Students will be studying 3D animation, 3D character animation, gaming art, design challenges, animation sequence, character animation, studio drawing, etc. They will also be able to choose from electives like visual effects compositing, gaming art, and design, etc. The fee for the program is NZ$ 14,000 for international students.

Career Options for Animation Graduates in New Zealand

Students who have studied animation will find that the career opportunities and the pay they receive for the career will depend on the type of work they do, the qualifications and experience they have in the field, and the level of skills they possess. While there are a few many professions they can take up apart from being animators, students will also have to ensure that they specialize in one or two types of work to be able to find the right job for them. When new animators get paid around NZ$ 20 per hour, experienced people will be able to get around NZ$20 to NZ$75 per hour based on the work they do. A few other career options they have are-

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